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RENOUS / PINEVILLE: $10,000 investment into the Renous Rec Center.

RENOUS / PINEVILLE: The provincial government has made a $10,000 investment into the Renous Rec Center. The newly installed heating and air conditioning system will drastically lessen costs to heat the Renous Rec. The added air conditioning also opens doors for new revenue opportunities. I made the commitment to the people of Renous and Pineville that I would look after their needs, and this is just another example of a commitment becoming a reality.


New Renous Pic

Benefit for Camm Underhill

On Saturday, July 19 there was a fundraiser held for Camm Underhill who lost everything in a house fire on the 26th of May. The benefit was held at the United Church Hall, and featured entertainment from local talent, an auction, and prizes. It was great to see so much community support for Camm. I alsoContinue Reading

Greater Blackville Resource Center Receives Grant

The Greater Blackville Resource Center received supplement funding from Healthy & Inclusive Communities Dept. The grant was recently presented to the Greater Blackville Resource Center (GBRC) food bank by MLA Jake Stewart. The food bank, located in the Voice of Hope Ministries building and has 56 registered clients. This grant will allow the GRBC to restock shelves andContinue Reading

Doak House Provincial Heritage Place 30th Anniversary

The Doak House is a huge part of Doaktown’s heritage, and we feel strongly about preserving the inheritance left by our ancestors. I would like to congratulate the entire team at the Doak House Provincial Heritage Place on 30 years of service.

Rural Community of Upper Miramichi – June mail-out

This was sent out to all mailboxes in the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.  We will continue to post all mail-outs on social media outlets as well.  Best regards, Jake Stewart, MLA